I've known and worked with Kathryn for more than fifteen years. During that time she has created beautiful designs for me and my team, ranging from book cover design, signs, and banners. She does great work!

International Best Selling Author
Kathryn is a talented artist, excellent in production flow, and detail oriented. She's familiar with current typography, UI and design trends and works beautifully with clients to achieve results that are perfect for the audiences intended.
When it comes to book sales, it's been said that the cover is more important than what's written inside--so choosing a cover artist is a key decision when your book moves out into the world. I'm ecstatic to have discovered Kathryn Renta of Latchkey Artist, Ltd.  What a find she has turned out to be! Like many authors, I'm not a visual artist but love it when cover art reflects the spirit of a novel. Kathryn knows how to listen and understand, then translate that spirit into lettering and images to light up the cover and make it truly shine. 
Thank you, Kathryn!
I've had the pleasure of working with Kathryn for nearly a decade now and she is wonderful. Kathryn does quality work and is a complete professional from the beginning of each job. She has created business cards for me, consulted on book cover design, and created banners for me to display at book shows and sales. I highly recommend her for quality design work.

Associate Publisher, WordFire Press
Executive Director, Superstars Writing Seminars
Managing Kathryn at DHD Media was a joy. She was a quick study, and eager learner and devoted to developing her craft, for which she already had a natural aptitude. She is a whiz with Photoshop or any design tool you can throw her way, and she executes designs with a fresh, hip sensibility and great eye for detail. She has a sparkling personality, and great sense of humor and a will-do attitude. Given the opportunity I would hire her in a second.
When I had a big, potentially game-changing piece of design work I needed done, it absolutely had to be Kathryn Renta to do it. Kathryn has a wide range -- when needed, her work is vivid, eye-catching, and crisp, and on the other hand, she has a subtle and nuanced touch. Her professionalism is first rate; she is quick, focused, responsive, and flexible. I recommend her to anything with graphic design needs.
I worked with Kathryn several times during my time at Dark Horse Comics. She was always a pleasure to work with -- a very personable and professional freelance letterer who reliably turned in her work on time, and was great about communicating regarding any questions or concerns that arose during a project. Her work was always solid, and she was very prompt with any lettering changes that were requested of her.
Kathryn is one of the best graphic designers I know. She is quick, highly talented, detail oriented, and maybe most importantly she's fun to work with. We've known each other for many years, and one of her projects is hanging framed on my wall, getting compliments almost every time it's seen by someone new. I continue to work with her presently, and would highly recommend Kathryn for just about any graphic design, illustration, or publishing need you have.
I met Ms. Renta while I was in the process of re-branding my wife's business, Connie Martinez Accounting & Taxes. I am not an artist, but that didn't matter to Ms. Renta. She listened intently to the ideas I had and developed them into a work of art that my wife was proud to display on our website and on her business cards.

In addition, Kathryn was accessible and open to my ideas.
If you need professional graphic design for your business, I highly recommend you hire this professional arts.
Kathryn was employed with Calibre international as a Lead Designer/Production Artist and never failed to meet and exceed the company’s expectations of her. She always exhibited proficiency and commitment to her work. Her creative marketing ideas and production art expertise contributed considerably to the company bottom line. This partnership benefited both the company and individual.

I am confident Kathryn’s work ethic and knowledge in her area of expertise can add an additional layer of excellence to any organization. She did an excellent job while employed for Calibre international and I highly recommend her.
Kathryn is a joy to work with. Creative and diligent, she is able to execute assignments with streamlined instruction and is willing to take whatever steps necessary to give the client satisfaction. At her best when she’s allowed creative license, but always dependable and engaging!

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